Are Australians as polarised as Americans?

Extreme viewpoints have been trendy lately.


Stop using your real name on Facebook

Only if you value your privacy or sanity, as social media has become a hotbed of controversy regarding the the sharing of your personal data.


Milo Yiannopoulos schools Australians on career direction

Self-described ‘supervillain’ asks if you want to be an insider or an outsider?


How the comment box transformed online discourse

Getting the most from social media discussions.

While Australians seem to be on the ball over a cheating scandal in a game of cricket, Americans are politically polarised. But are we so different?

Are Australians as polarised as Americans?

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Extreme viewpoints have been trendy lately.

Australia's frontline reporting vanguard Crime Stoppers has formed a partnership with Kaspersky Lab to boost its knowledge on reported cyberattacks.

Crime Stoppers strengthens cybersecurity know-how

| ICT | No Comments

Partnership with Kaspersky Lab to ensure better response to reported cyberattacks.

Things aren't going to change much in the year 2018, so we're here to tell you what you need to keep looking at when it comes to government trends.

Five big trends that will matter to Australia in 2018

| Federal, ICT, Shaping The Future | No Comments

They were important this year, but don’t forget them next year.

Milo Yiannopoulos addresses Sydney audience on the dilemma of being an insider or an outsider, and how the latter will deliver colossal rewards.

Milo Yiannopoulos schools Australians on career direction

| Federal | No Comments

Self-described ‘supervillain’ asks if you want to be an insider or an outsider?

The year 2017 is coming to a close, and where do Australian government currently stand in the midst of electoral instability?

Tail-end of 2017: Where does government stand?

| Federal, State | No Comments

Officials need to work harder to earn back public trust.

The new 4.0 Cities revolution needs a Circular Economy to ensure the sustainability and viability of more sophisticated urban centres.

4.0 Cities: Businesses need Circular Economy to survive and thrive

| Acting With Imagination, Exclusives, Meet the Experts | No Comments

Meet the Experts – How reuse and recycling of technology can help sustain cities of the future.

Cities across the world are modifying themselves to become 4.0 Cities, but what are they, where are they and what can they achieve for a local economy?

4.0 Cities – Putting the Circular Economy to Work

| Acting With Imagination, Exclusives, Meet the Experts | No Comments

Meet the Experts – How can urban centres give themselves that competitive edge?

As technology payment methods change, governments need to market the benefits as well as install the technology or else get left behind.

Evolving payment systems need a better marketing strategy

| Exclusives, ICT, Ovum | No Comments

GovNews Exclusive – As technology payment methods change, governments need to market the benefits as well as install the technology.

The NSW government has recruited the former technology head of Macquarie, Damon Rees to help lead the state's digital agenda.

5 Minutes With… Damon Rees, Chief Information and Digital Officer, NSW Government

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

Get the whole story on NSW’s digital pathway from one of the government’s top information leaders.

Coretta Bessi, former Chief Procurement Officer at NBN Co, chats to GovNews about how to effectively run a high level decision-making role.

5 Minutes With… Coretta Bessi, former Chief Procurement Officer, NBN Co

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

How to effectively run a high level decision-making role in one of Australia’s most closely examined organisations.

Stone & Chalk's expert in residence Paul Shetler chats to GovNews about the state of the public sector and what needs to be improved.

5 Minutes With… Paul Shetler, Expert in Residence at Stone & Chalk

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

What needs to be improved internally in the public sector? The former head of the Digital Transformation Office has the answers.

Bureau of Meteorology chief information officer Dr Lesley Seebeck gives an insiders' view on the complex information management of a prominent agency.

5 Minutes With… Bureau of Meteorology CIO Dr Lesley Seebeck

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

Is it an exciting time to be a CIO? Find out what Dr Seebeck thinks…


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