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The federal government is promoting its new set of mobile towers it's committed to building under the Mobile Black Spots Program.

Turnbull government spruiks 765 new mobile towers

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Mobile Black Spots Program delivering on $220 mil investment.

The ACT Government's Brook Dixon shares valuable insights on smart city initiatives and strategies that put people first.

5 Minutes With… Brook Dixon, Director of Smart City and Regulatory Reform, ACT Gov

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What is the most important part of delivering a smart city? It’s all about the citizens.

Councils access $5 mil in smart tech funding

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Traffic sensors, smart street lighting, new gear to smarten up a city.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has unveiled a new energy policy designed to make the state's infrastructure more reliable and cost-effective.

South Australia tightens grip on energy security

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Weatherill’s pledge to take control of state’s energy future and prevent more summer blackouts.

Councils in New South Wales are under increasing pressure to provide better services to the aged and disabled following discussions at a conference.

Demands mount on councils for aged and disabled services

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Local governments discuss role in delivering community care.

While automation changes the way companies manufacture goods and how services are delivered, governments need to think geographically on the jobs front.

Automation rather than globalisation is changing urban jobs

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Meet the Experts – Reformatting the employment landscape to ensure people live closer to work.

Innovation influencing Sydney’s employment numbers

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GovNews Exclusive – Bridging the Western Suburbs with new job growth.

Australian companies need to engage in intelligent procurement practices to match global competition in innovation and win government contracts.

Innovative regulation; intelligent procurement

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Meet the Experts – Australian companies need to match global competition in innovation to win government contracts.

The debt recovery system initiated by Centrelink has ruffled feathers across Australia, but is the "computer said no" excuse applicable any longer?

Centrelink’s RoboDebt fumbles debt recovery

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GovNews Exclusive – Is the “computer said no” excuse any longer applicable?

The ACT Government's Brook Dixon shares valuable insights on smart city initiatives and strategies that put people first.

5 Minutes With… Brook Dixon, Director of Smart City and Regulatory Reform, ACT Gov

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What is the most important part of delivering a smart city? It’s all about the citizens.

5 Minutes With… Rodd Staples, Sydney Metro Program Director

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We find out how Australia’s largest public transport project, valued at $8.3 bil will improve travel for commuters in Sydney.

What are the challenges in transforming Sydney's urban landscape? Steve Driscoll from UrbanGrowth NSW fills in the details.

5 Minutes With… Steve Driscoll, UrbanGrowth NSW Head of CBD Projects

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What are the challenges in transforming Sydney’s urban landscape? UrbanGrowth NSW’s Steve Driscoll fills in the details.

Charles Bryant from City of Emeryville, USA gives GovNews an indepth look at the city's ambitious industrial transformation.

5 Minutes With… City of Emeryville’s Charles Bryant

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We get a comprehensive look at a local area’s ambitious industrial transformation from Community Development Director Charles Bryant from City of Emeryville, USA.

The meeting room situation of not knowing how to use a video conferencing system is an embarrassing one - how do you overcome it?

Mystery of technology in the meeting room

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GovNews Exclusive – Beating the embarrassing situation of not knowing how to use a video conferencing system.

Festivals can have harmful effects on the environment if they're not managed properly, but solutions are available to alleviate the problem.

Festivals and the environmental sustainability challenge

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Environmental impacts can ruin a good day out, but solutions are available to reduce the harmful effects of a festival.

The Australian government is hitting hard on its ideas revolution to help innovators become equipped with resources to help shape Australia's future.

Ideas boom is here – innovation in the public sector

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Key factors governments should consider in delivering innovative services.



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