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New South Wales gives parents and carers real time info on kids’ bus trips with GPS, similar to online pizza delivery apps.

Parents, carers get real time info on kids’ bus trips

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Transport for NSW launches real-time bus journey tracking for greater Sydney metro.


Report launch a success, Growing the Australian Innovation Economy

| Future Cities Collaborative, Infrastructure, Sustainability, Transport | No Comments

Official launch of the Future Cities Collaborative’s most recent report, co-produced with AECOM, was a resounding success.

The Queensland government is considering re-introducing funding for smaller councils to treat drinking water with fluoride to fight tooth decay.

Water fluoride capital costs to be covered

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Smaller councils get a helping hand to fight tooth decay.

According to an independent poll, people in NSW approve of the government's asset recycling policy to pay for future infrastructure.

NSW government asset recycling is popular

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Poll says 61 per cent approve of asset sales to pay for infrastructure.

GovNews Exclusive - Ovum is leading technology analyst firm - analysis, whitepapers, research, business, government, ICT

Attracting millennials without leaving others behind

| Exclusives, ICT, Ovum | No Comments

GovNews Exclusive – Uphill struggle to appeal to the Gen-Y demographic, what can governments do?


Seattle: futuristic innovation-hub of the Pacific North-West

| Exclusives, Local | No Comments

GovNews Exclusive – New developments are underpinning Seattle’s innovative approach to urban growth.


Emeryville: one of California’s boldest urban fixes

| Exclusives, Local | No Comments

GovNews Exclusive – Home of Pixar Studios spruiks its groove as it rises from industrial wasteland to thriving tech hub.

GovNews Exclusive - Ovum is leading technology analyst firm - analysis, whitepapers, research, business, government, ICT

Cracking the hidden challenges of digital leadership

| Exclusives, ICT, Ovum | No Comments

GovNews Exclusive – Visionaries have the roadmap, but leading the way for employees and Australian has difficult trials ahead.

Charles Bryant from City of Emeryville, USA gives GovNews an indepth look at the city's ambitious industrial transformation.

5 Minutes With… City of Emeryville’s Charles Bryant

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

We get a comprehensive look at a local area’s ambitious industrial transformation from Community Development Director Charles Bryant from City of Emeryville, USA.

Woollahra City Councillor, Katherine O'Regan.

5 Minutes With… Woollahra City Councillor, Katherine O’Regan

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

In-depth chat with Katherine O’Regan, city councillor and director of the Future Cities Collaborative.

Dr Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive Transport for Greater Manchester, gives his unique international perspective on light rail developments in the UK.

5 Minutes With… Dr Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive, Transport for Greater Manchester

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

Dr Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive Transport for Greater Manchester, gives his unique international perspective on light rail developments in the UK.

Australasian Railway Association CEO Danny Broad chats with GovNews about light rail infrastructure and its big and ambitious future in Australia.

5 Minutes With… Danny Broad, CEO of Australasian Railway Association

| 5 Minutes With... | No Comments

Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Railway Association, advises that there needs to be strategic long-term planning in building light rail infrastructure.



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