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Daily news for local, state and federal government

CeBIT panel discusses the fallout from last year's eCensus debacle, sparking suggestions that ICT procurement practices need to broaden.

Outsourcing risk: lessons learned from eCensus procurement

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CeBIT 2017 – Better ways to build relationships between business and government.

Consult and collaborate with a broad array of companies for successful project outcomes, according to professional services company, ICM Consulting.

Superior consultation: what makes a successful collaboration with government?

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Meet the Experts – More with ICM Consulting CEO Yair Iny, who highlights the importance of collaborating with SMEs.

Critical infrastructure like power grids are at risk of cyber attacks because of the 'Internet of Things', according to Eugene Kaspersky.

Eugene Kaspersky warns all assets are digitally vulnerable

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CeBIT 2017 – ‘Internet of Things’ opens new Pandora’s Box.

Arthur Sinodinos has slammed criticism of innovation for the notion that it will lead to job losses, retorting that jobs are emerging in other areas.

Sinodinos opens CeBIT 2017 with big innovation pitch

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CeBIT 2017 – “Our role as a government is not to try to stop change, it’s to facilitate change.”

Australian Centre for Event Management wants to make creativity a big part of its pitch to event managers in its next series of one-day workshops.

Injecting creativity and innovation to public events

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Making creativity a significant part of event management learning.

Mobile phone users in Queensland's more remote and isolated regional areas are set to get a new 4G boost through new 'small cells' being installed.

Regional QLD powers up its mobile coverage

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‘Small cell’ mobile base stations providing 4G connectivity.

Inland Rail has been given $8.4 billion in the Federal Budget 2017-18, which has been warmly welcomed by Australia's railway sector.

Inland Rail on the way for $8.4 bil from feds

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Budget 2017-18 – Railway sector rejoices broader $20 bil transport investment.

Frasers Property was troubled by its outdated communications systems, requiring help from a solutions company to improve productivity and morale.

Optimising Productivity with Frasers Property: A Case Study on Collaboration

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GovNews Exclusive – How did an organisation reduce costs and boost productivity with interactive tech?

5 Minutes With...

5 Minutes With…

Bureau of Meteorology chief information officer Dr Lesley Seebeck gives an insiders' view on the complex information management of a prominent agency.

5 Minutes With… Bureau of Meteorology CIO Dr Lesley Seebeck

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Is it an exciting time to be a CIO? Find out what Dr Seebeck thinks…

The ACT Government's Brook Dixon shares valuable insights on smart city initiatives and strategies that put people first.

5 Minutes With… Brook Dixon, Director of Smart City and Regulatory Reform, ACT Gov

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What is the most important part of delivering a smart city? It’s all about the citizens.

5 Minutes With… Rodd Staples, Sydney Metro Program Director

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We find out how Australia’s largest public transport project, valued at $8.3 bil will improve travel for commuters in Sydney.

What are the challenges in transforming Sydney's urban landscape? Steve Driscoll from UrbanGrowth NSW fills in the details.

5 Minutes With… Steve Driscoll, UrbanGrowth NSW Head of CBD Projects

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What are the challenges in transforming Sydney’s urban landscape? UrbanGrowth NSW’s Steve Driscoll fills in the details.