Finding the best talent in a government workforce

By November, 2016 December 8th, 2016 Partner Content

Public sector workers are moving to the private sector, so LinkedIn Talent Solutions has released a report to help attract them back to government.Partner Content

Leading professional networking and social media platform, LinkedIn has released a new report exploring the complexities of managing a skilled workforce in Australia, revealing that governments are under intense pressure to compete with their private sector rivals.

The report titled Talent in the Australian Public Sector: Securing the skilled professionals to transform the nation, illustrates the scope of the challenges that government organisations face in maintaining their workforce and keeping employees from seeking work elsewhere.

Gone are the days when professionals would pursue a “cushy” job-for-life in the public sector due to the misconception that they would be under less scrutiny and would have an easier time on the job compared to potential private sector jobs.

The tables have turned as professionals are searching for greater job prospects in industry sectors that they feel are better suited to their talent and skill, and most importantly the greater demand for a healthier work/life balance.

At an individual level, the search for more flexibility by professionals is an honourable move, as they are free and entitled to take on careers in whichever sector they feel best suits their lifestyle.

However it presents many challenges for government employers who are facing an exodus of workers making the bold move to the private sector.

The variety of opportunities is far more diverse, ranging from roles in major conglomerates, to small-to-medium businesses, and start-ups.

This is reflected in two of the key findings in the LinkedIn report:

  • the public sector is seeing a loss of talent to the private sector; over the past year, 1.8 times the number of professionals on LinkedIn moved from the public sector to the private sector than the other way;
  • digital-related specialists, who are disproportionately located in major cities, are more interested in work–life balance and care more about finding a job where they can make an impact, which can be a perfect fit for the public sector.

With those points in mind, the scope of the challenge becomes clear.

Following rigorous research, LinkedIn has assembled its report to help public sector employers find the best talent, secure the talent to support digital transformation, and finally to attract the best talent.

The task before the public sector isn’t an easy one, but the report from LinkedIn stands as a strong battle plan for governments to adopt in developing their long term human resources strategies to find and maintain a healthy and enthusiastic workforce.

To learn more about what governments will need to do to strengthen their workforce, ensure that they create a workplace and career path that’s attractive to professionals and to harness their skills, LinkedIn’s report is an informative primer to begin making those changes.

A fundamental takeaway for public sector employers is that “the key to successfully navigating these challenges is to focus on the talent needed to make change a reality”.

Where do they find that talent? The report maps out where the professionals live, the geographic locations they’re moving to, the countries they’re coming from, and which sectors they’re moving to.

The report says that how well and quickly government departments are able to transform their operations in the digital age will have a profound impact on the economy and the welfare of all Australians.

“We hope this report provides a unique insight into talent in Australia, and illustrates how agencies can take a proactive and data-driven approach to facing the current environment head-on,” the report says.

This is vital information for public sector employers if they wish to retain a rich and productive workforce, not only for the ongoing operations of their agency or department, but to ensure that members of the community are provided the high quality services that they would expect from any private company.

To ensure that your public sector organisation is fully prepared to develop new strategies to find the best talent, and ensure that you are maintaining your organisation with the most highly skilled personnel, the report from LinkedIn will play a crucial role in helping you to set your direction.

Click the link below to read the report and learn more about how you can boost your organisation’s performance by finding the best talent.

View the Report from LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers a full range of recruiting solutions to help organisations of all sizes find, attract, and engage the best talent. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. With over 433 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.


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