Adelaide opens free recycling centre for batteries, light globes

A new recycling centre for easy deposit for used batteries and light globes has been opened in Adelaide by the South Australian government.

Image: GovNews

Recycling batteries and light globes just got easier for workers and residents in the Adelaide CBD, with a drop-off service opening at 81 Waymouth Street.

The free recycling service – at the offices of the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources and Green Industries SA – is a first for the state government, with the possibility of adding recycling bins to other government buildings in the future.

Two distinct recycling ‘mascots’ in the form of a giant light globe and battery will take centre stage in the ground floor of the Waymouth Street building for recycling ease.

Materials like light globes and batteries cannot be recycled through kerbside yellow recycling bin, but they can be diverted from landfill when handled separately.

According to the South Australian government, the state leads the nation with a waste diversion rate of 81.5 per cent.

Green Industries SA works closely with businesses and the resource recovery sector to improve recycling and waste management systems, teaming up with the DEWNR accommodation and asset management team to roll out the trial recycling program on Waymouth Street.

Batteries and light globes contain valuable materials like aluminium nickel, steel, zinc and mercury, all of which can be recovered and reused.

Householders can also recycle light globes at Mitre 10 stores across South Australia. Many councils provide a drop off option for battery recycling, and householders can drop off batteries at ALDI stores, Ikea and Electronics Recycling Australia.

Environment Minister Ian Hunter said many workplaces now have recycling systems similar to the yellow and green lids most householders are familiar with, and South Australia’s “nation leading” waste diversion rate of 81.5 per cent is a result of constantly seeking new ways to recycle and recover resources through trials like this.

“This trial offers businesses and those who work in the city an easy and central location for the free recycling of batteries and light globes,” Mr Hunter said.

“We know the Environment Department staff like to lead by example so providing simple drop off options to recycle batteries and light globes has been highly sought after.”

“We’re also encouraging our neighbouring businesses and people who work in the city to use this free system to drop off their batteries and light globes as well,” he said.

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