Body worn video hooked up to protect prison guards

By July, 2017State
The Queensland government has rolled out body worn cameras to ensure the safety of its frontline prison officers stationed in correctional facilities.

Body worn video for prison officers in Queensland. Image: hunnnterrr/flickr

The Queensland government is committed to improving the safety of its frontline correctional officers, rolling out an additional 110 body worn video cameras for the state government-run correctional centres.

Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan said expanding the use of body worn cameras ensures that corrective services has the most up-to-date technology to respond to the demands of prison operations.

“We are delivering 10 cameras to each of our centres, with Brisbane Correctional Centre, South-East Queensland’s male prisoner reception facility, receiving 20 cameras,” Mr Ryan said.

“We are investing $100,000 in 2017-18 for the rollout as we continue to examine all options to improve the safety of our staff.”

Along with the body worn camera rollout, staff using the cameras will be equipped with vests to ensure effective use of the devices.

The rollout commences with Wolston Correctional Centre, with each correctional centre to progressively receive the technology.

Corrective Services Commissioner Mark Rallings welcomed the technology, stating it is an important addition to the security equipment for Queensland’s hard working correctional officers.

“This expansion comes after a successful trial and careful consideration by the Queensland Corrective Services Safety and Security Committee,” Commissioner Rallings said.

“Body worn cameras will be issued in response to the operational demands of each correctional centre.”

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