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Governments create initiatives that are shaping the future of Australia.

GovNews invites you to join other departments from across Australia in an exchange of ideas. Any council or state government department, research centre, university or company may submit details via our Gov Initiatives portal.

Initiatives from across Australia are evolving everyday, with new developments taking place and being introduced. This program will showcase projects that are finished or undergoing trial phases and well as those to be completed.

Simply send a press release about your initiative to GovNews.

Program objectives

  • Foster strong networks where participants share resources and acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Encourage increased participation towards the sharing of knowledge from government departments, councils, associations, agency bodies and organisations to improve productivity.

Simply fill in your details. Instructions will be emailed to you on how to submit your initiative.

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Gov initiatives shaping our future from across Australia.


A cooperation between all governments, which is the key to award winning success.


A collaboration that will spearhead the race to face challenges and finding solutions.


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