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What kind of content do you produce?

GovNews delivers news about local, state and federal government across Australia, as well as featuring comprehensive event, product and service listings that are targeted to our core public sector readers.

Our content takes an in-depth view on areas that are vital to good governance as well as the day-to-day challenges, solutions and best practices from councils, departments, agencies, associations and organisations across Australia.

Who is the target audience of your news content?

Our content is targeted towards the key purchasing decision makers in local, state and federal governments across Australia.

  • CEOs
  • general managers
  • department heads
  • senior executives
  • CIOs
  • CFOs
  • procurement officers
  • elected representatives
  • professionals doing business with government

GovNews is available to the 188,000 personnel in local government, 1.4 million in state government, and 152,430 in federal government.

What can be posted in Conferences and Events?

If your company or organisation has a conference, event, round table or seminar that you would like to showcase to the public sector, please contact marketing.

GovNews has created a professional listing that includes:

  • Description of your conference or event
  • Date, time and location
  • Speakers list
  • Registration details
  • Corporate logo
  • Image of the venue
  • Details of accommodation
  • Travel requirements
  • URL

Include as much information as possible that will help attract attendees to your conference and event.

What can be posted in Products and Services?

GovNews Products and Services listing showcases companies’ goods and services commonly used by local, state and federal government professionals. Please contact marketing to learn more.


  • listing of up to 50 words
  • company overview
  • major projects
  • industry certification or awards
  • company URL
  • contact details
  • social media links

Private sector companies can view our Products and Services listing to see the significant benefits to our readers.

I have a story I would like to contribute, who do I contact?

Please contact the editorial department.

Before submitting editorial content, please read our editorial guidelines, which are located in the question below titled “What do I need to know before submitting an article?”

What do I need to know before submitting an article?

Please refer to our editorial guidelines below:

1. What We Need

Our editorial team is continually looking for articles that are of value to our readers. Articles and features on GovNews are focused on educating our audiences, therefore readers should learn something from your article and then apply that knowledge to their profession.

Content in GovNews includes news articles, special reports, feature articles, how-to guides and short interviews with key government personnel in our 5 Minutes With section.

Educating our audience is of crucial importance. If you are a company wanting to submit, the article must be objective as we allow only one mention of your company’s products or services. We ask that you keep commercialism to a minimum.

It is important that you plan ahead in the editorial process. The process usually takes two months. For example, our deadlines for the Special Reports in our Membership Section are two weeks prior to the publishing date. If you are submitting a regular news story, we will have deadlines on a case by case basis.

2. How to Submit an Article

GovNews accepts article submissions at any time. However, if you have an abstract for a Special Report, please send it to the editorial team two weeks prior to when it goes live on the third Wednesday of every month.

Please make the abstract short and succinct at one paragraph outlining the focus and main points of your article. It will also be helpful to list the benefits to the reader.

Regular news articles should be between 350 to 450 words. Feature Articles in our Special Reports section should be between 500 and 2,000 words. We strongly encourage you to send illustrations and photos to accompany your article.

Please contact editorial to discuss article ideas and pitches, as well as deadlines.

3. Digital Image Requirements

Images are important to illustrate the main theme of an article, so please send as many files as you can. Please also send captions with these images.

As we are an online site, these images need only be 72 dpi resolution, in JPG format.

We will not accept images from the web that are under copyright. They must be either images that you have taken yourself, images under ownership of your organisation, or in the public domain. All images submitted will be duly credited in the caption.

We will not accept images from PDFs or PowerPoint slides or images embedded in Word or text files, Windows Metafiles (WMF), GIF files or BMP files.

If you are unsure about the format of your images, we suggest contacting your media liaison department or a graphic arts agency to produce the images for you. As a result, a better quality image for your article will help you stand out and grab readers’ attention.

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Is GovNews operated by the government or is it independent?

GovNews is an independent news site that is operated by an Australian company and is not associated with other publishers or government organisations.

Can I view GovNews on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, GovNews is a mobile responsive website and can be viewed on any device.

Why is GovNews not showing up properly on my browser?

The site will potentially render differently across various browsers, so we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for optimal performance.

Gov Initiatives

What is the Gov Initiatives program?

Gov Initiatives is a program coordinated by GovNews that showcases the most effective and innovative projects and ventures conducted by local, state and federal governments. It is a networking program for public sector bodies to exchange valuable knowledge, insights and share ideas.

The showcased initiatives demonstrate how departments, councils, associations, agencies or organisations have overcome internal challenges or improved the wellbeing of the community.

How do I make a submission to the Gov Initiatives program?

Fill out the form on our Readers Page to receive a welcome e-mail that includes instructions on how to submit an initiative. This e-mail will guide you through the process of making a submission. For further questions, you may contact the editorial team.

What will happen to my Gov Initiatives submission?

Our editorial team will review your initiative after you have submitted the content.

Submissions are directly sent to our editorial department and will be reviewed and if it successfully meets the criteria, it may be selected to feature on GovNews.

A panel of leaders and experts from within the field will select one initiative from each state which can demonstrate one of the following outcomes:

  • Adoption and implementation of best-practice approaches by organisations and individuals
  • Strong networks where participants share resources and acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Improved capacities to develop and maintain sustainable ventures
  • Strengthen services and improve productivity

If you have any further questions, you may contact editorial.

What is the judging process for the Gov Initiatives program?

The annual program will have judges who are leaders within the public sector to select a finalists from each state. These finalists will be recognised for their valued service towards shaping the future of Australia.

The judging process is at state level. Judges are selected from experts and leaders within their field relating to the initiative category. Judging takes place online, which is why only online entries will be accepted into the Gov Initiatives program.

Entries are judged individually – scores are then collated and averaged to achieve a final score. Finalists from each state will be published on our website.

5 Minutes With...

What is 5 Minutes With…?

5 Minutes With… is a prestigious profiling feature showcasing some of the most talented professionals and leaders.

GovNews takes a closer look at these key officials, academics, professionals and leaders within the public and private sectors to gain valuable insight into their expertise. 5 Minutes With… recognises the value of individuals who are developing, delivering and achieving improved services for the future of our cities across Australia.

How do I get profiled in 5 Minutes With…?

Our editorial team selects the key individuals to be profiled in 5 Minutes With…

You may nominate yourself if you feel you have made a major contribution or you are an expert in an industry field or worked on a project that yielded great results or hold a senior position in the public sector.

Nominations can be made for 5 Minutes With… by contacting the editorial team. If you prefer GovNews to keep your details private, you may remain anonymous when nominating your colleague.


How do I sign up to the eNews?

GovNews has sign-up forms for the eNews on multiple pages across the site. Go straight to the home page, and sign up on the form provided. When you fill out your details and hit submit, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to opt-in. It will ask you to confirm your subscription and you will need to click “Yes, subscribe me to this list”.

I haven’t received an eNews confirmation e-mail – where is it?

If you have signed up to the eNews, but you haven’t received a confirmation e-mail, please check your junk mail folder. The confirmation e-mail will have been sent immediately upon your sign-up.

What will I get in the eNews?

eNews provides the latest news stories about local, state and federal government as well as Gov Initiatives, 5 Minutes With… profiles, Products and Services and upcoming events.

How frequently is the eNews sent out?

Our eNews is delivered every second Wednesday.

Does signing up to the eNews cost anything?

No, subscribing to the eNews is a free service provided by GovNews.


How do I become a member?

It is coming soon and will be a private portal for special reports and members only content.

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